Motoring Solicitors


One area of criminal law that affects more of the population than any other is motoring law. This may well affect nearly every UK driver at some stage. The consequences can often be harsh including large fines and disqualification from driving. By only dealing with criminal defence work our motoring solicitors can offer an expert and comprehensive service providing representation if needed or simply advise in relation to all motoring matters including:-

  • Speeding
  • Careless Driving
  • No Insurance
  • Excess Alcohol
  • Using a mobile phone whilst driving
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Fail to give details of driver
  • Fail to provide a specimen

This is not a complete list and we can advise on any motoring solicitors matters.

Our motoring solicitors can also advise on disqualification, the consequences of conviction and how to avoid being disqualified. This is clearly important to most drivers and even more so to anyone who needs to drive for a living.

As legal aid is not usually available in these situations we offer an initial fixed fee interview for £95 including VAT. This is without obligation to take the case any further with us.

If you then would like our motoring solicitors to represent you we can often provide clear details of our charging rates and may be able to quote a fixed fee for the whole case to enable you to have a clear idea of the total cost.

If you are acquitted of all charges (found not guilty) it is usually possible for you to recover some of your costs.

Please contact Mark Pearson or Mark Jerman at the Basildon office or Matthew Bone or Simon Samuels at the Southend office.